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KEY partners s.r.o.

With the help of advanced software, we provide secure services to fullfil your needs in accounting, payroll and HR. By computerising the process, we save our clients’ time and cost..

Comprehensive maintenance of accounting records

We can maintain your accounting records at our firm’s office or on your premises. Our outputs include management reports issued at requested intervals, statutory financial statements or financial statements prepared under national GAAPs, or other information used as input data for other processes (e.g. VAT return, income tax return, preparation of information for the auditors, etc).

Review of accounting records

At your request, we will conduct a review of your accounting records. The output of our review is a report describing the course of the review and any identified deficiencies. In parallel, this services includes assistance in resolving the noted issues.

Reconstruction of accounting records

At your request, we will conduct a reconstruction of your accounting records. We will also prepare financial statements for submiting to institutions.

Maintenance of payroll records

We can maintain payroll and HR records on your employees and prepare employee salaries. Concurrently, we can inform you of any obligatory tax, social security or health insurance payments that you are required to deduct from your employees’ salaries and credit to the relevant institutions. As part of our payroll services, we can register and remove your employees from the Social Security Administration Office Register and health insurers records and report the obligatory monthly overview to these institutions.

Human resources

We can prepare all documents required for various employment arrangements under Slovak labour law. We can also manage your social fund, travel expenses, and provide assistance in the recruitment and training of your employees.

Annual settlement of income tax advance payments

In connection with the maintenance of payroll records, we can perform an annual settlement of income tax advance payments for your employees or issue a statement of paid taxable income and taxes withheld.

Other services

We can provide you with other outsourcing services such as billing administration and the subsequent management of receivables, electronic banking, reporting to statistics office, services related to your payroll and employment obligations and others.


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